Making premium products requires premium ingredients.

The first step is to start with the best sourcing.

With 40 years of confectionary experience we know how to scrutinize suppliers on where and how they are sourcing their ingredients. Starting with the best ingredients is the first step to crafting the best products..

We craft in small batches with time-tested experience and ensure purity through validation.

Validation ensures you receive 100% transparency on what goes into our products. We conduct unbiased third-party testing tests to validate our products free of cutting agents, additives, solvents, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

We ship fresh daily for freshness and full potency.

Products that aren’t fresh can lose potency. We ship fresh batches daily which means you get a fresh tasting, mouthwatering and potent experience. Bags are date coded so you know you’re getting fresh and fully potent lozenges.